Feeling Sick? Doctors Say Illness Likely Caused By Stress

Franque ThompsonOMAHA (KPTM)- If you feel like you've been sick for a while, doctors said it may be because of stress.Doctors said 75 to 90 percent of their patients that deal with stress has a health issue because of it, and adds most people don't even know stress is making them sick. However, there are ways to fight it.Students of Lotus House of Yoga all have different lives, but they all have one thing in commonthey take yoga classes to relieve stress."I was stressed. I had some health issues," said yoga student, Joy Mann."Driving is always an issue for me, and family stress and finances," Kathleen Peters. "I am a mom of three little ones, five and under. So I have a lot of stress," said Jenni Welsch."I'm an accountant and so I have a lot of stress. Long work days, so beyond the stress, back, neck pain, shoulder pain from sitting at a desk all day," said yoga student, Julie Bishop, who is also 24 weeks pregnant.Doctors said the health issues from stress don't stop at aches and pains. Doctors said it can also cause heart disease, obesity, headaches, and depression."With stress comes anxiety and anxiety is the number one cause of depression. People are consistently feeling overwhelmed and so their feeling helpless and their feeling hopeless," said Ruth Nutting, specializing in mental behavioral therapy for the University of Nebraska Medical Center.To prevent negativity, yoga instructor Carole Westerman, teaches the power of yoga to bring in positive energy to a person's life."We really encourage people to have this time just to nurture their physical body, and their mind and then also for stress release," said Westerman.Doctors said simple things, like your cell phone, can be a major stress factor because of constant checking of phone calls, text messages, emails and social media. "It's really important that people recognize where the stress is in their lives. So, is the stress coming from certain behaviors, and doing something about those behaviors," said Nutting."Some of us feel like we need to be on call all the time, so I think yoga is even more important than it used to be to kind of help us get away from our gadgets and actually spend time with our breath and decompressing from the day," said Westerman.Doctors said you should also think about short term and long term strategies of coping with stress. Short term could be something like taking a break from technology like phones and computers. Long term could be a hobby that makes you happy. Doctors said even eliminating certain people out of your life may be a good idea if you are really trying to be stress