Fire Crews From Plattsmouth; Murray Fight House Fire

By: Melina Matthes

Plattsmouth (KPTM) - Fire rips through a home near the Bay Hills Golf Course in Plattsmouth Sunday afternoon.

Two firefighters were hurt. Only Fox 42 was there as crews from Plattsmouth battled the fire alongside engines from Murray, Louisville, Cedar Creek and Offutt Air Force base.

Officials say the fire started in the living room just after 2pm. When crews arrived at the home on Spy Glass court, flames were seen outside of the house. For those living in the neighborhood it was an all to familiar sight. "We had a house fire almost a year ago up on the boulevard. We lost a member of our community out here and so it's hard to see this happen to anybody," Roberta Copenhaver says.

The family made it out of the house safely. However two firefighters were injured. "They have been checked out by EMS and no transport at this time," Plattsmouth Fire Chief, Mike Wilson says.

The blustery weather made matters worse. High winds spread the flames across the roof and thru the attic. When firefighters turned on the hydrants the water started to freeze immediately. "Basically then you got to worry about your hose lines freezing up, so we got to constantly keep that water flowing till we can utilize the nozzles and hose lines and so our pumps don't freeze up as well," Wilson says.

For one neighbor, whose two sons are on the Plattsmouth volunteer fire department, seeing the ice build up on their gear makes her nervous. "I talked to both of them a little bit and they're both covered with ice. Their uniforms are completely covered with ice and I just want to take them inside and warm them up," Copenhaver says.

So she gave all the firefighters hot coffee and gathered hats and gloves for the family left stranded in the cold. "It's just a neighborly thing to do we're a very close community out here and when somebody needs something we all just jump in and help out," Copenhaver says.

Pulling together as a community, helping a family who lost everything.

The Red Cross is working to find a place for the family of four to stay. At this time the cause is still under investigation.