Fire Destroys Diesel Repair Shop In Downtown Bennington

By: Melina Matthes

BENNINGTON (KPTM) - A diesel repair shop in Bennington is destroyed after flames ripped through the building Monday afternoon. Fire officials say no one was injured in the blaze.

The woman that lives next door to the shop said she was working in her yard when she heard an explosion. She ran over and saw the truck shop was on fire. She prayed that no one was injured.

Smoke could be seen for miles as the fire engulfed the C and C Complete truck repair shop.

Propane, tires and glass were exploding all around them. "Scared to death, it was really weird, things were just blowing up and you'd feel parts and stuff kind of whiz by," Brett Smith said.

He and his wife Beverly live less than 50 yards from the repair shop. They said they were working in the yard when they heard the explosion. "It was just billowing smoke, we saw the first burst right out the ceiling, it was horrible," Beverly said.

And they say it all happened so fast, "by the time I got here, and I ran down here, you couldn't get in. It was just huge lapping fire coming out...really hot," Brett said.

Laura Larsen lives on the other side of the repair shop; she said she had just driven away from her home when she heard the blast. "Looked back and saw all this black smoke just coming up and I rent the home so I called the landlord and I said I think it's the building right next door. My son got the dog out and next thing, it was just all flames," Larsen said.

Within minutes the roof collapsed on the building, leaving the entire community stunned. "It's a really tight community, everyone knows everyone and yes this is Old Bennington. People know where you live, it's Old Town Bennington, it's a big lossit really is."

The people living in Bennington said the truck repair shop was a key element for the city. They just thank the surrounding fire departments that responded within minutes.

Bennington Fire said crews will be on sight all night checking for hot spots. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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