First Frisbee Vending Machine Invented in Omaha

Zach Revense

Omaha (KPTM) - A local company has invented the first Frisbee dispenser.

TeeBoxx placed its second vending machine near the disc golf course at Seymour Smith Park in south Omaha Friday.

The first dispenser was recently set up in Florida.

"I came up with the idea about six years," said Aaron Martin, TeeBoxx founder and C.M.O.

"I've been playing since 2004, and the minute I started playing I got the fever," Martin said. "I was addicted."

Martin and his chief strategist Justin Cherry say the vender is a lot like a going to a Redbox except you get to keep the disc.

"They opened up a lot of doors when they became successful," said Martin, "where six years ago if I tried to do this, I don't think we would have had the resources."

When it comes to merchandise the discs cost between $8 and $19. They vary in size and weight like a golf club would. The two say knowing where to go to build a collection can be difficult.

"This course here in Omaha gets a lot of players coming through," said Cherry, "and a lot of the time people have to hunt down equipment to get into the game."

With around 300 to 400 people using this park, they both hope that passersby will be able to utilize the dispenser.

"Every time somebody buys a disc a portion of the revenue goes back to the city. And they have it specifically earmarked to be able to go right for the Frisbee golf course.