First Home In Pilger Re-Built Since Tornadoes

By: Melina MatthesMMatthes@kptm.comPILGER (kptm) - Thursday, construction crews put up the first new home in Pilger since the tornadoes. Now the homeowner is hoping it will encourage others to come back to town. She said it's the next step in restoring Pilger.After two tornadoes destroyed the tiny town of pilger in June, many residents left the area. The woman who owns the newest 3 bedroom house in town however, said she hopes new construction will bring many people back.In about an hour, construction crews in Pilger pieced together the three bedroom house. "I'm excited. I'm tearful for happy reasons."For Kim Neiman, the last several weeks have been a challenge. After tornadoes destroyed her home, she found a temporary place to stay in Wayne. "It seems like a 100 mile drive when it's only less than 20 but it's really difficult to leave and come back because I just like being here." While many moved away, others slowly started to rebuild. "We'll be bigger and better. We're too tough to die. I mean we're not going to die, we're going to keep going."To prove to others that the town could bounce back, Kim and her husband wanted to put their life back together fast. By acting quickly, they were the first in town to get a new house. "It means a lot. It's even more special that it's mine, the first. I guess I can be a little bit happy about that and it is mine.She hopes it will encourage others to build. "We'll see more houses. Everybody might not be coming back that was here before and we're sad because of that, but some people have to make changes in their life too and we understand that, but we're hoping to get new people in Pilger too."After several weeks of sleepless nights, the Neiman family said they look forward to stepping foot in their new home, especially the bedroom, where they plan to get a lot of much needed rest. The village of Pilger is still trying to find residents that left the area after the tornadoes. Any displaced resident of Pilger is asked to contact the village office at 402-396-3563."Like" Melina on Facebook and follow her on Twitter to stay connected.