Flood Withdraws from Race for Governor to Focus on Family

LINCOLN (KPTM)- About a monthafter entering the race for Nebraska Governor, State Senator Mike Flood haswithdrawn his name.

Flood said Thursdaythat he will stay in Norfolk to take care of his wife Mandi.

She was diagnosedwith breast cancer this week.

"It has been a true joy to have traveled the State of Nebraska thelast six months, and to serve as Speaker of the Unicameral the last six years,"said Flood. "This is a great state, with a bright future. Nebraskans set an examplefor the rest of the country, we are hard-working, we don't spend more than weearn, we are good neighbors, and we take care of our families," said Flood."Now it's time for me to take care of my family. This week my wife Mandi wasdiagnosed with breast cancer. I am going home to Norfolk to take care of herand our boys Brenden and Blake.

"I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I have had here in thelegislature to move our state forward, and for the opportunity to get to knowso many Nebraskans in communities across the state. I am hopeful for the futureof our state but I am committed first and foremost to my wife and sons."

Nebraska will electa new governor in 2014.

The only other person to officially announce his candidacy his Lieutenant GovernorRick Sheehy.

Governor Heinemancan't seek reelection due to term limits.