Fort Calhoun Community Helps Norfolk Catholic Family

Leah Uko

FORT CALHOUN, NE (KPTM) - A high school football player's serious injury sparked generosity in hundreds of people he doesn't even know. Sunday, organizations in the Fort Calhoun community hosted a silent auction to raise money for the medical expenses the players' family has accumulated.

Isaac Pfiefer is a senior at Norfolk Catholic School. On November 6th he was playing in a game against the Fort Calhoun Pioneers when he collided with a player and injured his spine. He was taken to the Faith Regional Hospital and then airlifted to UNMC. He underwent surgery the next day to repair a couple of vertebrae when doctors discovered damage to his spinal cord.

He is now in Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln. His medical expenses are adding up so the community in Fort Calhoun will give every dollar earned at their silent auction to the Pfiefer family.

"This community is a great representation of how when people really care they put out their hearts and their love," Isaac's father Neil Pfiefer said. "It's endearing to us and humbling."

Many of the people who attended, like Charlie Newlin, don't even know the Pfiefer family, but still want to support.

"Pretty bad injury, it's expensive, probably needs are our help he can get," Newlin said.

Items like perfume, Husker gear, gift baskets and gift cards were up for sale in the auction--some prices going higher than $100.

"You can see how good people really still are and I think it's going to teach our kids a good lesson," Mike Conrad, who helped organize the auction, said.

Football players from other schools came also.

"Concussions and accidents are part of the game and when someone gets hurt we know if we were to get hurt we'd want someone there for us," South Elkorn linebacker Nick McEwin said.

"All the donations that we're getting from this--my parents are getting--that's going to go a long way," Isaac's sister Halee Pfiefer said.

A long way they hope will lead to Isaac's recovery.