Freak Accident Changes The Lives for Teen Football Player and His Family

Franque Thompson

LINCOLN (KPTM)- After a freak accident during a game, a Norfolk Catholic high school football star is in a wheelchair. On November 6th in a rival game against the Fort Calhoun Pioneers, Neil Pfiefer says his son and families lives were changed forever.

"We've cried a lot of tears of fright and fear, but we've also cried a lot of tears of joy and that's what these are," said Pfiefer.

Pfiefer is the proud father of Norfolk Catholic senior Isaac Pfiefer. As the outside linebacker for the Knights, Isaac was badly hurt making a tackle during the quarter-finals game against the Pioneers. As a result, he's had extensive surgery for a spinal injury. Isaac is currently in a wheel chair exercising his arms about 3 hours per day. The 18-year-ol still does not have any feeling in his lower body.

"We've had some tough days. Isaac's had some tough days and there'll be more tough days, but you look for the shinning rays of hope and when you get 'em you hang onto 'em," said Isaac's father.

One of those rays of hope came right from the hallways of the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb. Pfiefer said, it was like an angel.

"We had a young man come in here the other day and just out of the blue, walked up said he was in the same situation that Isaac is in now just six months ago. And he was fortunate to regain, but he said 'you just gotta go hard' and I think that, from a young man to a young man, that's about the same age that was, a huge confidence builder in Isaac--that he's just got to persevere," said Pfiefer.

Confidence and perseverance the rival city is hoping to help build.

"What we're trying to do is show that our little community here in Fort Calhoun has probably the biggest heart your going to find," said family friend and Pioneer fan, Mike Conrad.

Conrad and other community members of Fort Calhoun have teamed up to host a benefit dinner in Isaac's honor. The "Fight for the Pfiefer's" spaghetti dinner will be December 2nd, at Schwertly Hall from 2pm to 7pm. The night will host some family fun while raising money for the Pfiefer family. A silent auction will take place--some of the prizes include Husker paraphernalia, professional photography sessions, event tickets and much more.

"When you start thinking that maybe the world's turning one way, actually the world's in straights. And there's a lot of people who really care and I think this effort will show that," said Conrad.

"If everybody cared for everybody like these people are caring, our world would be a much better place," said Pfiefer.

More information for the event can be found on the "Fight for Pfiefer's" Facebook page.