Free Ride Home After New Year Celebrations

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- If you're out bringing in the New Year you should probably start thinking about how to get home safely. Local law firm Hauptman O'Brien will be paying the tab for free cab rides in Omaha.

A night out celebrating can be fun, but there are precautions.

"Rule number one is don't drink and drive, it just ain't worth it," said Joe Riffey, who will be ballroom dancing with his girlfriend for his New Year's festivities.

"You have to worry about somebody driving home. Somebody has to not drink as much as everybody else, not have as much fun. So it would be a really great tool to have somebody drive you home no matter what," said Ashley Einspahr, who plans to bring in 2013 by celebrating downtown with friends.

That's where Happy Cab comes into play. For more than 20 years the cab company has partnered with Hauptman O'Brien--offering safe and free rides home.

"We all know that people are out and they're partying and having a good time--they're celebrating Christmas and the New Year. So it's something that we wanted to make sure that we offer people," said John Davis, director of operations for Happy Cab.

"I actually heard about it last year--I utilized it last yearif I can't find a ride, if one of my friends, you know, isn't sober then I'll definitely give them a call. I've got it saved in my phone and everything," said James Terfone, who will be celebrating New Years downtown with friends.

Anyone looking to catch a free ride is simply call Happy Cab at 402-292-2222. Make sure to specifically ask for the free ride home deal otherwise the cab ride could cost you--because this is the company's biggest night of the year.

"We typically, in our call center, will take over four or five hundred calls per hour of people that are looking for transportation home," said Davis.

"It's obviously a good idea to keep down drunk driving and stuff like that," said Terfone.

The free cab rides are available until 3A.M. January 1st. Be sure to have an address ready for pick-up. Happy Cab is only offering rides to residences and hotels.