Fremont Residents Frustrated About Road Work

Paul Gutierrez

FREMONT (KPTM) - A web of construction in Fremont is frustrating entire neighborhoods and drivers alike.

"It's a hassle and nobody likes to deal with it," said Michael Scarpino, a resident who lives in the heart of where the road work is located.

Up and down Bell Street, you can find traffic signs and barriers at nearly every turn. Ordinary roads are now turning into obstacle courses for people just trying to get through.

"The most frustrating part is just trying to get to and from work," said Scarpino. "It seems like every other day they have a new piece blocked off and it doesn't look like they're doing anything to it."

Even parking is becoming a problem for some homeowners like Angel Carstens.

"I can't do it," stated Carstens. "With these cones sitting here, you can't even back in and out of our driveway."

The state funded project aims to widen the road to accommodate a growing population, but until it's finished there will be growing pains.

"Anytime I come by here there's people out working I'd say five percent of the time," said Scarpino. "Otherwise, it looks like construction equipment is just sitting there collecting dust."

An observation that's also a source of frustration for many people hoping for more progress.

"It would be alright if they would just get it done and over with, but it seems like they're just taking their time," said Scarpino.

The Fremont Public Works Department tells Fox 42 News contractors should be finished with the project by the end of September.