Friend or Offender? App Scans for Sex Offenders on Facebook

OMAHA (KPTM)- What iffinding sex offenders near you was as simple as logging onto Facebook?

Thanks to a new app, it could be that easy.

The app is called 'Friend Verifier.' It's an app that can be used on a smart phoneor computer that scans Facebook friends for sex offenders.

"It's pretty prudent to know who your friends are because somany people add people just to add them these days," said Kenny Maese.

Several people checked out that app in Omaha Monday, and thereviews were positive.

"Parents often don't monitor their kids enough, so I thinkthis is something that would work really well," said Maese.

There are three categories that someone can fall into. A yellow highlight means that just a friend'sname matches, an orange highlight means that a name and location matches, and ared highlight means that name, location, and date of birth matches a registeredsex offender.

"Sometimes people request you and you don't know who theyare," said Laura Bast.

Bast checked out the app and even though a couple dozen ofher friends fell into the 'yellow' category, she said use it again.

More than two million people have used 'Friend Verifier' andcreators said 75 percent of them are women.

"Those are who we want to keep safe. These women have left reallygreat comments and sent emails who love the app and want us to add morefeatures," said Joe Penora, creator of the app.

The app is free, and Penora promised it will always be that way.

"I really just don't feel comfortable charging for a search that wouldallow users to determine if someone is a rapist or child molester," saidPenora.

Penora said he is looking into other social media platformsfor the app.

To scan your Facebook friends, click here.

For more information on 'Friend Verifier,' click here.