Frigid Temperatures Cause Several Water Mains To Break

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Dozens of Omaha residents woke up this morning to find they were without running water.

The freezing temperatures caused several water mains to break around the metro.

Several residents without water said crews with M.U.D. worked quickly in the cold to get things up and running again.

Drivers all across the city dealt with barricaded roads and muddy streets after several water mains burst. "Well we were surprised, we woke up, didn't have any water, but you know I really feel more bad about the workers that had to be out there to fix it," Maryann Borgeson said.

M.U.D. officials said crews have been working overtime this weekend having to repair and fill holes. They said two to three pipes have cracked each day due to the extreme cold, but Borgeson said she worried more about the workers than having running water. "It was an inconvenience for a little bit but again it was more worse for the workers than it was for us without water."

She said she felt so bad she even brought them sandwiches and drinks. "You just look out your window and you just think oh my goodness, ya know? You just start feeling so bad for all the people that have to work outside and then you try to figure what can I do? What can I do, but they did a good job."

Working together to keep the city running on a frigid day.

M.U.D. said water should be up and running for most of the city now, however some homes near 13th and Vinton still are without.

Officials said it takes about 4 hours to fix a break.