Fundraiser For Deputy Battling Cancer

OMAHA (kptm) - Members of local law enforcement's came together today to support a sheriff's deputy who is battling brain cancer.

Rick Staack has been an officer for 24 years. He's a seventh degree black belt and owns and operates Gretna Tae Kwon Do, but lately he's been battling brain cancer. "A little tired, other than that feeling okay. I figure everyday I'm out of bed and upright's a good day," Staack says.

He's doing everything he can to fight for his life but as he continues to undergo treatment for the tumor in his head he can't help but think of his friends at the Sarpy county sheriff's office. "I was working investigations, had a really good group of people that I worked with, I miss working with them, I miss the activities of that job," Staack says.

So his job came to him. Hundreds of his co-workers, friends and family joined together for a fundraiser to show their support. A way to remind Staack he's not going through this alone. "It's unbelievable, I mean they were worried because their probably going to run out of foodthey might. That's a great thing and people don't care they're still going to come in the door and support Rick and law enforcement in general and that's what's important," Sheriff Jeff Davis says.

Sharing stories over spaghetti, making memories, and testing their luck with raffle tickets. All to help with Staack's mounting medical bills. "Being able to do this for him is a wonderful thing, it helps the family tremendously," Candy Borman says.

If you missed today's fundraiser there is another way you can help out. The Omaha Police Federal Credit Union is accepting donations for the Rick Staack fund.