Fundraiser for Teen Killed in After School Fight

Melina MatthesOMAHA (KPTM)- A local family grieves after an Omaha teen who suffered a head injury and was pronounced brain dead. It happened after he was assaulted on his way home from school last week. The parking lot at 21 Street and Burt Street is where the fight started, which ultimately ended 16-year-old Aquilee Muse's life. His family said it was an accident that never should have happened. Police said Muse died after two men jumped him while he was walking home from school. After a blow to the head, investigators said he hit the concrete, fracturing his skull. "I'm trying, I tell everybody who asks me, I'm trying, just like the next person. I'm trying not to, I got stuff built up inside my heart, I mean, I'm crying just like you are inside, but I have to, we have to smile for him, we all got to smile for him," said William Muse, Aquilee's older brother. Sunday, family and friends gathered to remember Muse. They shared stories about the young man who could put a smile on anyone's face, while eating spaghetti at the fundraiser. The spaghetti feed will help take care of the burial costs, for Muse's family. "He got a smile, that smile is his cheese. It's for a lot of reasons, but he's a good young man and I know that," said William Muse, Aquilee's older brother. Jamise Williams with Project K.N.O.S.E, Keeping Omaha Safe for Everyone said, "I can't imagine what the mother is going through? I wouldn't wish that on anyone, no mother should have to bury their child, especially at a young age so, that fact that the community is here to support the mom to support the family is a really big thing." "My brother was an amazing young man and he will always be remembered," said Muse. Police arrested Markell Vaughn and Tevaun Ammons, both 16-years-old. Police said they are being charged as adults with first degree felony assault. A memorial fund has been set up at First National Bank to help with burial costs.