Fundraiser Helps Families After International Nutrition Collapse

RALSTON (KPTM)- More than 1,000 people attended a fundraiser to benefit displaced workers from International Nutrition following last month's tragic collapse.

"We want to remember all the good times we spent with them and all the good times together," said Alyssa Stout, who organized the fundraiser.

"Where it all happened, I could have been in any of those spots," said James Flanigan, International Nutrition employee.

Flanigan went to the doctor on the morning of the day the building's collapse killed Keith Everett and David Ball.

"I lose sleep over this because I feel like, if I was there, maybe I could have done something to prevent something, I don't know," said Flanigan who got to work an hour after the collapse.

He had only missed two days because of illness in his three years with the company.

"An angel was watching over," said Flanigan.

Sunday's fundraiser raised an estimated $30,000.00. More is expected to be raised by a public Wells Fargo account to which anyone can contribute.

The funds will go to the families of the two deceased workers and all of the employees who are without employment as a result of the collapse.