Gas Price Hike Hits Omaha

OMAHA (KPTM)- Since January, gas prices in Omaha have goneup 24 cents.

Nationally, gas prices have risen because of bitter coldtemperatures, refineries shutting down for inspections, and high demand.

"We've seen an increase-we are paying about average when itcomes to other states. We are paying much less than what we did about a yearago," said Rose White with AAA.

White said oil refineries shut down this time of year forinspections and cold weather. This often causes a hike in prices as demandincreases and supply decreases.

"With the bitterly cold temperatures we've seen across the Midwest-even the east coast area-that's curbed production a bit," said White.

White said the United States is starting to produce more oiland import less than in the past, which will soften the blow of the priceincreases.

"Crude oil prices rising over the last couple of months that'sbasically driven the prices higher and so we can expect to see that," saidWhite.

White said prices of crude oil are on the higher end of thespectrum, and even though Nebraska uses more ethanol, the price of gas willstill increase.

"It's going to be a roller coaster ride which typically is inthis type of market," said White.