Getting To School On Time: 24th Street Construction Project Re-routes Parents

OMAHA (KPTM) - It's the start of a new school year and kids all over the metro are heading back to class, but construction in North Omaha now has parents wondering what the best route is to get their kids to school on time. Right now 24th street is closed to through traffic from Lake Street to Locust Street. It's all because of the sewer separation project. For kids living in the area, school starts Wednesday and several schools are on the other side of the project. Parents wonder how they'll get through.North Omaha's 24th street is currently torn to pieces. Construction crews are working fast to repair the road and get cars heading in the right direction once again, but those who didn't realize it was underway say finding the right path around it is a headache."It was just a total surprise. The way they just tore it all up, put signs up and everything and here we go. Nobody knew what was going on. It was like.where was the sign? Did anybody give us any heads up about detouring and everything?"Doris Fulton runs a daycare just a few blocks away and several of the kids will be going back to school on Wednesday. She worries about the children in the neighborhood that will be walking thru the construction."You got cement rolling everywhere; you got trucks running up and down the street. I mean it's just been all kinds of activities."For parents driving their kids to class, she said getting through the construction could be a challenge, but she adds that the city provided several detours to make it a little easier."You can go this way and hit Lake and you're good or you can go this wayaround the churches, or Wirt Street or Binney wherever they got it detoured for you, that's how you can work it."Her best advice"Leave out early and get there so you can avoid all that other mess you know, but like I said I shouldn't see no problem with it come Wednesday, it should be pretty good. It's just the school buses might have the problem cause there's a lot of them and they're so big, so they might have some problems, but other than that with the people in the vehicles, they should be okay."Right now the city of Omaha said the construction should be complete by the end of September.The 24th street project is just one of dozens around the city. To see a map of road closures and lane restrictions around town visit