Girl With Rare Form of Diabetes Hangs Hope on 'Diabetes Dog'

LINCOLN(KPTM)-An eight year-old girl battling a rare form of diabetes is hanging her hopes on a powerful pup. Sophia Cadotte was diagnosed with Brittle Type 1 Diabetes before she turned two,since then her family has had to keep a close eye on her blood sugar. Now they're seeking help from a specially trained dog.

Dogs are often called "man's best friend," and for a Lincoln girl, a dog trained to watch her blood sugar, could be a lifesaver. Sophia's mother, Jodi Tvrdy has kept constant watch over Sophia since she was an infant. But it's come at a cost. "I'm a single mom trying to raise three little girls, and a lot of relationships have come and gone due to my dedication just to keeping her alive," said Tvrdy.

Cadotte has been in and out of the hospital due to sudden swings in her blood sugar, and Tvrdy says a dog trained to monitor her levels constantly at her side would allow her to take action sooner, saving the family a trip to the hospital and huge medical bills. Tvrdy says it costs in the tens of thousands to tend to her daughter's illness each year.

But the trained pups don't come cheap, Tvrdy says to get one will cost the family anywhere from $20,000 to close to $50,000. The family has a "Go Fund Me" page, and us hoping to raise enough money to buy the service animal.

The Dream Team 03 Campaign and race car driver Shayle Bade are also planning to help the family out during racing season. Though Bade and Cadotte are decades apart, Bade says she's taken an interest in Cadotte because they both dream big, Bade has hopes to someday be a NASCAR driver and Cadotte is wishing for a dog that can help her be a part of activities her illness has kept her from in the past.

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You can also make a Charitable Gift to Sophia Cadotte at any Wells Fargo branch.