Girls And Guns; Instructors Needed

OMAHA (KPTM)- If you can shoot a gun and are a woman, there may be a perfect job for you. Women firearms instructors are in high demand across the country as more women than ever are learning how to shoot. One Omaha woman said she's been shooting for 18 years, and it's about time guns had a 'woman's touch.' "I think they've ignored women and it's kind of a man's world. Hopefully that changes," said Shawn Weyh. Weyh is in the process of starting a gun club exclusively for women. "Fear for the most part for women-fear is the reason that they don't try it," said Weyh. Weyh said when she started shooting, there wasn't anything for women. "I would have to go to the little boys department to get clothes that fit me. The insulation for arctic conditions-there was never anything that I could use that would keep me warm enough," said Weyh. Weyh said in the last five years, she's seen companies come out with more women friendly items. "It's take a lot of years," said Weyh. "I don't think that people should be blind to the fact that there is a lot of other options out there." According to CNN, female firearm instructors are also in high demand throughout the country. "More power to them, I think that is a great thing," said Weyh. She said women have been ignored by people in the firearms industry for too long, and it's time they start listening.