Give Food to Fight the Flu

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- With the number of people getting the flu growing by the minute, there's a new incentive to make you get your flu shot.

Total Wellness near 94th and H is giving flu shots for just $10 with a donation of two non-perishable items to the food bank. The shot is otherwise $15.

Michael and Mindy Eggertson took advantage of the discount Wednesday. "We just completely put it off, now it's an epidemic and now we are here getting [the shot]."

First timers for the shot, like Doug Maxson, also got in the line. "I kind of never really thought about it much, that it was really going to impact me. I really never had the flu so I've been lucky. It seems like this year everybody is talking about it."

You can also use your smart phone to search for and schedule flu shot appointments under doctors that are covered by your insurance using "Zoc Doc."

You can get the discount flu shot on Thursday at Total Wellness as well from 4-8pm. Shots are available for anyone 9 years or older. The Total Wellness office is located at 9320 H Court, Omaha, NE 68127.