Glenwood Firefighters Battle Brush Fire, Wind

GLENWOOD,IOWA(KPTM)- The strong wind gave firefighters headaches this afternoon when battling hot spots from a brush fire.

Firefighters rushed to the Fountains Ballroom after getting a call around 1:30 this afternoon that a brush fire on the property. "As far as we can tell, the land owners were burning a brush fire which quickly got out of control," said Chief Marlin Gafford, of the Oak Township Volunteer Firefighters.

Gafford says he called in crews from four neighboring departments to help fight hot spots. The crews were also up against mother nature. "We're dealing with high winds and temperature change and just really rough territory out there," said Gafford.

Fortunately, crews were able to put the grass fire out quickly, but the hot spots took hours to extinguish. No one was injured as a result of the fire and the damage was limited to nearby brush and did not reach the ballroom's building or neighboring homes.