Glenwood Teen Dies in Car Crash

Shelley Russell

GLENWOOD (KPTM)- A teenaged boy in Glenwood, IA died Wednesday night after being thrown from the car he was riding in.

Police say Chance Gunderson, 19, was not wearing a seat belt.

This was the second teen death from a car wreck in one day alone. Still, the Nebraska Office of Highway safety says the number of teens injured or killed in car crashes has remained between 700 and 900 for the past five years.

This number is significantly lower than the over 1,300 teens involved in wrecks in 2000.

"If you have a brother, sister, son, daughter, this can happen to anyone. Death does not discriminate," reminded Ryan Gunderson, Chance's brother.

Family and friends gathered in the spot he died Thursday afternoon to honor his memory.

"Everybody thinks you can die at any time," said Cody Blezek, a longtime friend of Gunderson's. "You can, and it's proof right there."

Gunderson's friends and family describe him as a funny guy who liked to have fun.

The family plans to spread his ashes in the nearby mountains and says they'll have some peace knowing that their son is not too far away.