Going Green: Ralston Arena Becoming Environmentally Friendly

Paul GutierrezRALSTON (KPTM) - Did you know there's a lake under the city? It's been there for hundreds of years and now a local business is using it to heat and cool people coming to concerts and sporting events.For the Ralston Arena, it's a great way to cut utility cuts."We have pipes that will feed into the building and do multiple things," said Dan Freshman, the Public Works Director. "They will feed this hot water heater fore heating of hot water. Then, in our mechanical room, they'll actually heat the compressors to freeze the ice."The lake used to be where a levee next to the arena currently sits. The water is still there, but now it's 250 feet below the surface accompanied by more than 60 wells. They help to transfer heat from the earth to keep you comfortable during an event."The ambient temperature will stay within a five to ten degree range, which helps with using less electricity for cooling and less natural gas for heating," said Freshman.Even the way the ice is resurfaced has become environmentally friendly."Our zambonis operate on a tray of batteries. What that does is not burn propane, so it's less carbon monoxide inside the building at all times."The arena is also working on water conservation. It's switched to waterless urinals in the men's restrooms to save energy and eliminate the need to treat water. Replaceable cartridges are used to form a barrier that trap unpleasant odors.