Golf Store Broken Into; Thief Takes Chump Change

OMAHA (KPTM)- A thief breaks in and steals money from golf store Classic Golf. It happened just before 5 a.m. Friday on 60tha and Woolworth. The owner said business has been good despite the string of bad luck the shop has had at its new location.

"When you pull up in the dark of the morning and you see glass laying all over, you're just, you just get that feeling in the pit of your stomach," said store owner, Tony Tubrick.

Sweeping up glass was the last thing Tubrick expected to do at the start of his day. His store is considered one of the best in Omaha. When he got the call it was broken into, he expected the worst.

"I couldn't find any merchandise that was missing, but the cash register was emptied out," said Tubrick.

He had already taken the day's cash to the bank. So, the thief only ran away with chump change, but the damage he left behind cost more than $300.

"Glass was scattered from the door clear back to the, all the way back to the back wall. So I'm sure it made a heck of a racket when it exploded," said Tubrick.

Back in July, construction blocked off most traffic to the store for nearly two months. The closed roads nearly killed the business.

"We did lose quite a bit of money because of less traffic. And trying to dig out of that hole, especially the first year at a new location, and then this happens, another little set back," said Tubrick.

The store has an alarm system and motion detectors, but his surveillance cameras don't record. Tubrick said that is going to change.

"Recording and maybe a few changes on what we can do to protect ourselves a little better," he said.

Tubrick's insurance does not cover the damages, so he does have to come out of pocket for all of those expenses. He did say, luckily business was good enough for him to just about break even. He also said he's lucky the thief did not steal any merchandise. Tubrick said some golf clubs in a rack right in front of the door are worth about $10,000.