Got Leftover Easter Eggs? Make These Dishes

OMAHA(KPTM)- Easter is often the day filled with pretty, hard-boiled eggs. And come Monday, those eggs mean leftover food that needs to be eaten or thrown out. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make those eggs more tasty."On Thanksgiving, it's turkey. Christmas, it's ham. Yes, I believe Easter would be eggs, yes," said William Gonzalez of The Egg & I. From Omelettes to pancakes and beyond, Gonzalez says a good portion of items offered at this restaurant include eggs. "It's one of those complex foods, you can try it on anything and it's good," he added.When it comes to using boiled eggs, Gonzalez says a few recipes stand out. Deviled Eggs take just a few minutes, he said and are a very popular post-Easter item for folks to make. It starts with peeling the boiled egg and cutting it in half. Gonzalez then removes the yolk and mixes it with pickles, mayonnaise and mustard then returns the mixture into the hollowed-out egg white and sprinkles it with paprika. "It's one of the more simple recipes you can make at home," said Gonzalez.Gonzales says other simple uses for those boiled eggs include dicing them and adding them to a Cobb salad or slicing them and using them as an extra ingredient in a BLT.