Graffiti Stuck on Buildings Because of Cold Weather

OMAHA (KPTM)- It's a neighborhood that's been tagged andtagged again.

Graffiti litters every street corner near 20th andVinton, and people in the area can't do anything about it.

"Biggest problems we have right now in the winter is thatit's so cold that we can't power wash and we can't paint," said Larry Ferguson.

Ferguson said he's lived near 17th and Vintonsince the late '80s and said graffiti has popped up in the last ten years.

"Graffiti is a type of thing that just destroysneighborhoods," said Ferguson.

Ferguson said taggers aren't just using spray paint andmarkers now.

"Taking a diamond and etching their moniker right into theglass," said Ferguson. "I have it on my windows and you know the cost toreplace that window-is $400."

Ferguson said he's spent thousands of dollars over the yearsto cover up graffiti. He said he photographs all the graffiti in his neighborhoodand helps cover it up.

"Paint freezes before it can cure. If we go out there right nowand it's five degrees above zero, put the paint on, the paint is frozen and itdoesn't actually adhere to the wall, so then the paint just pales right off,"said Ferguson.

Ferguson said once graffiti is up, more follows. "The nextgang will come over and put that out to show how, hey, we're top dogs here."

He said he will have to wait for warmer temperatures tocover up the vandalism. Until then, he uses paper or plastic to hide it.

"The tag is still there, but it's not quite as visible,"said Ferguson.

Written By: Maureen Wurtz