Grand Prix Winner Coaches Omaha Riders

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - He has over 50 grand prix wins and is one of the top equestrian riders in the country. Sunday he spent time working with riders in Omaha.

Kyle King has been riding horses ever since he was a young boy. His passion led him to become one of the top show jumping riders in the United States. "I beat the top 5 horses in the world at the time when they were getting ready for the Olympics so that was pretty big time for me," King says.

Now, during the off-season King trains others. He focuses on fine-tuning their skills, as well as the horses. "I've always liked to train the horses and try to get their confidence back and I always think there's a place for every horse ya know," King says.

Equestrian Rider, Haley Mick says, "It's really exciting to get a different point of view, cause I have the same trainer and I train at home and I go to shows with him and then getting a different point of view is always really helpful."

"It takes a while to bond with a horse and really have them trust you," King says.

Equestrian Rider, Dan Urban says, "Just like taking care of a household pet at home. We've got a full time job taking care of our animals and then making sure that they're in peak performance athletically so they can do the challenging task that we ask them to do."

"Show jumping is a lot harder than it looksit's not your typical trail ride, it actually requires you to use all the muscles in your body, specifically the core."

"We want to have fun doing what we do but we want to do it with the horses best interest I mind and so having good clinicians, good trainers come in, really gets the bar a little higher," Urban says.

A chance to learn from the best, while making strides toward the finish line.

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