Grass Fire Burns Parts Of Field At Memorial Park

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- A broke out right in the heart of Omaha, scorching the top field at Memorial Park. The flames were put out around 2pm Friday.

This was the first Memorial Park visit for the Kaffenberger family, but Heather Kaffenberger said she knew there was something odd about the park as soon as she and her family arrived.

"Was kind of curious when I came walking up here and we could smell it, you know? It was quite a strong smell," she said.

That smell was coming from a long stretch of burning grass. Aya Zacharias and Caitlin Kelley were playing with a Frisbee at the opposite end of the park when the fire started.

"It started really small and then it got bigger and you could see the black kind of spreading and then it just spread really fast. I think, probably like five minutes," said Zacharias.

"We've never seen anything like it before. So, I don't know it was weird, it was really weird," said Kelley.

The Omaha Fire Department is still looking into what started the fire. Kaffenberger said, whatever the cause, the fire serves notice to everyone in the metro that fire and dry grass, never make a good combination.

Park visitors said fire fighters were able to put out the flames pretty quickly despite the wind.