Group Rolls into Town; Urges Minimum Wage Hike

OMAHA(KPTM)- The fight to hike the minimum wage came to Omaha on Thursday as a tour bus rolled into town with marked with the number $10.10, an hourly wage the group is fighting for. Dozens carried signs that read "Can't survive on $7.25," and "Raise the minimum wage," as speakers talked about the difference a few more dollars per hour could make for many Nebraska families.The issue is something Brock Booker is familiar with. That's because he started working at Lenny's subs making the same as other new employees-$7.25 per hour- the current minimum wage. Now, as a manager of Lenny's Subs in midtown, Booker makes more money but he also has more responsibilities. Booker says he often worries about the cost of day-to-day operations and explains that even the littlest expense can be tough. "Food costs, as you know are increasing every day. A gallon of milk is more than a gallon of gasoline right now," said Booker who adds that higher pork and beef prices also cut into that profit margin. Booker says the extra payroll expense of a $10.10 minimum wage could eventually trickle down to customers.But those speaking out today said they believe an increase in minimum wage would mean more money out there for people to buy sandwiches with. "It starts to inject money back into the economy because when you make more money you spend more money," said one of the people taking a turn at the microphone.Booker says when it comes to the issue, there's a lot to consider from how much it would cost a company in added payroll to the question of whether more money can make workers more productive. But when it comes to the discussion about minimum wage there is one thing he is sure of and that's that he doesn't want to see anyone go hungry, customer or not.