Grow Operation Uncovered In West Omaha

OMAHA (kptm) - A huge, pot-growing operation is uprooted in west Omaha. Sarpy County Sheriff's deputies say they found more than 100 plants inside a house near 180th and Harrison.

One person was arrested. Neighbors say they're shocked by the news.

Jenny Klahn has lived next door for nearly two years. She says, "very shocking, I'm in disbelief, I can't believe it."

Neighbors are surprised to hear over 100 marijuana plants were found in the house next door.

Those living nearby say the people who lived in the home were friendly and never showed signs of a grow operation.

"I mean they were really good, good people. We talked to them often, got along with them great. Madison, my daughter, went over there often to play with their dogs. They were very genuine nice people," Klahn says.

Spencer Lombardo remembers when the neighbors moved in. He says there were normal guys and he never thought twice about what they were up to. "Ya they were nice when I'd leave my trash can out they'd bring it back up, I mean they were nice guys."

"I saw what looked like a SWAT truck or something and I was kind of surprised, to see all the news cameras next door kind of nothing like that ever happens around here it seems like," Lombardo says.

Recently they say they noticed the side of the house turning brown. One neighbor even questioned them about it. "One time we were outside talking to them and asked him directly about it, I'm like what is this on your house and nothing," Klahn says.

Neighbors say several men lived in the house. The sheriff's office has one person in custody.

The sheriff's office has not released the suspect's name.