Gun Show Attendance Higher Than Average

By: Melina Matthes

OMAHA (kptm) - Gun control. For or against, the topic is on everyone's mind lately and attendances at this weekend's gun show in Carter Lake was higher then expected.

Handguns. Rifles. Whatever type of gun you are looking for you can find it at the Carter Lake gun show. And thousands of people are not only browsing, they're purchasing. This year's attendance is significantly higher than normal. "Part of it is because some people have a fear that things aren't going to be available in the future so they come to stock up on whether it's a gun show or gun store. Some people it just brings kind of a heightened sense of awareness to firearms. People who had been putting off conceal carry classes, permits, buying firearms and ammunition, now kind of see it as something they need to do right now," Firearms Instructor, Garrett Schmidt says.

But not everyone feels that way. In the last month, support for banning semi-automatic assault rifles has gone up, asking lawmakers to take them out of the people's hands, but buyers in Carter Lake say banning guns isn't the answer. "Just being able to sell semi auto weapons to anybody on the street, that is a concern but banning weapons outright or banning high capacity magazines outright it's kind of almost a waste of time," gun show attendee, Cameron Bozarth says.

Marvin Kraus hosted the Carter Lake gun show, he says he wishes more people were educated about guns and says he's in support of even teachers carrying them in schools. "You know our last line of defense if the crazy violent person shows up at the school door is that teacher to keep our child safe, I want her to have conceal and carry classes or the principal out there who gave up her life in Connecticut protecting them poor, poor childrenI would've loved to hand her my gun. If I could've gave her my gun we could've saved her life and saved the child's lives, it's not the gun people believe me, the gun is for protection in the right hands," Kraus says.

He says typically at the gun shows he recognizes most of the attendees but this time around it's a lot of new buyers including women. "I understand that people want to be safe but how are you going to protect yourself with somebody that does have weapons ya know, I can't really chase them down and beat them with my purse so unfortunately the people that would be registering guns, the people who are being legal and rightful aren't the people that is the problem," gun show attendee Angela Tronetti says.

This year's attendance was just over 4,000. The next gun show will be in April at the Westfair Amphitheater.