Gun Store Owner Says Airsoft Models Can Look Too Real

Omaha(KPTM)-Would you know the difference between a toy gun and the real thing? We went to a gun shop to put people to the test. One gun store owner says at first glance, and in an intense situation, it can be tough to tell the difference between an airsoft and a handgun.

Pat Cork can easily identify his guns. "I know those are Ruger .22's and that's a 1911 .45," said Cork of guns sold at Good Guys Gun and Pawn. But even Cork was hard pressed to tell the difference between a real Taurus .45 and an airsoft replica.

Good Guys' owner Rod Moeller says the orange tip that typically identifies an airsoft can be easily broken off or painted black, which we were able to do with a marker, and that can make it look all to real. "This particular model would be almost identical to the gun that is here on display for a Taurus .45, and again you'd never be able to tell the difference between this gun and that gun with an intense situation going on," said Moeller of the toy gun, referring to Tuesday's attempted robbery at an Omaha fast food restaurant that ended with two dead, including an audio technician from the show COPS.

Moeller says more should be done to make airsoft guns look more like the toys they are and less like the real deal. "It would be good to have some way to differentiate," said Moeller.

State lawmakers have debated tougher laws for airsoft pistols in the past but nothing has been done. Several states have made their laws tougher including requiring such guns to be clear or a bright color so they don't look so much like the real thing.