Habitat for Humanity Dealing with Copper Theft

OMAHA (KPTM)- Onefamily won't have a home for the holidays, even though they were supposed tomove in New Years Day.

Copper thieves are sinking to a new low by targeting Habitat for Humanity.

MillicentArnold has been dreaming of her new house since last March. It's being built for her by Habitatfor Humanity.

"Wehave to get the houses down, the price, as low as we can so the families can afford them," KirkRogers with Habitat for Humanity said.

A stringof copper thefts has been driving the cost of the houses up.

"They'regetting a little bit of copper and it's costing us an average of $2000 a house."

Thisisn't the first time Arnold's house has been targeted. In June, thieves cut a gas line.

"That broke my heart," Arnold said.Rogerssaid copper thieves stole from three other habitat homes in the neighborhood on 18th and Sahler.The thefts usually add two weeks onto every project.

"We're wanting to close on this house. We're wanting to get to a closedate so we can get the family moved in," Rogers said.

Arnold now has to wait until the end of February to movein. She will have to dream a little big longer about her dream home.

Habitat forHumanity is making some security changes to try to keep the properties safe.The organization plans to put more lighting around homes and have more securitypatrolling the area.