Hamburg Levee Being Leveled - Town Upset

Curt Casper

HAMBURG, IA (FOX 42) - It was one of the worst flooding inover a century. Many people who lived near the Missouri River in 2011 losthomes. The town of Hamburg, Iowa barely survived the flooding thanks toadditions to the levee west of the town.

In the summer of 2011, the US Army Corp of Engineers andpeople in the town added eight feet of dirt to raise the levee. The levee heldoff floodwaters for four months. At times, the water was a few feet from thetop of the levee, until the floodwaters resided.

The town wanted to keep the levee at its current height tohelp protect them from future flooding. But, government officials said it wouldcost 5.5 million dollars for inspections and additions.

Hamburg attempted to raise the money. They started a websiteasking for donations and even posted a video of the town dancing. The town'sattempt fell short.

The city council voted to reduce the levee to thepre-flood height on March 22, 2013. They hired Hendrickson Transportation tocomplete the task by July 1st. The total cost of the reduction willcost $649,000. Part of the finances will be paid by the city, FEMA, andvolunteer hours logged by the town in 2011.