Harmful Chemicals Inside Hair Products Could Cause Hair Loss

Franque Thompson OMAHA (KPTM)- You could be giving yourself a case of hair loss, breakage or even cancer without even knowing it. Experts said if you're buying cheap hair care products you may save money, but do real damage to your hair at the same time. The price of beauty is not cheap and not everyone is willing to pay salon prices for a wash and style. "I was just lazy and cheap and didn't want to spend the extra money," said Kelli Lambert, while getting her hair done. Lambert said taking the cheap route cost her plenty of damage to her hair. She found herself coming to a salon more, to repair the breakage her shampoo and hair products were causing. "Clients always say 'My hair is dry, I can't figure out why my hair is so dry.' It might look shiny, but it still might feel dry and those are kind of confusing for clients," said product expert and Sirens Salon and Spa stylist, Kali Rahder. Rahder said the problem is in the products. She said many over-the-counter shampoos contain harsh chemicals that can cause hair loss including sulfates, sodium chloride, mineral oil, formaldehyde and alcohol. Rahder also said if you're spending big bucks dying your hair, but use cheap products, you can kiss that money and color goodbye. "It will really make a huge difference in taking that color out or maybe even turning the color of it because it's changing the chemistry of it," she said. Sometimes the over the counter brand will claim it works just as well as the salon products. Take 'Suave' for example. The bottle says the shampoo and conditioner is salon proven, but looking closely at the ingredients, there's still plenty of sulfates, sodium chloride and alcohol inside. "Sometimes there might be a wax filler or something that actually coats the hair and make it look like it's nice and everything but it's actually breaking down your hair shaft and causing that breakage and that dryness," said Rahder. She suggests using salon products to repair and protect your hair from damage. It may cost more, but the products are more concentrated so you don't have to use as much at one time. Lambert said she had to stop being cheap for the sake of her hair. "I actually wanted my hair to grow and I never understood why it didn't. And then I actually made the switch and it just feels better, it's actually long and I can do more things with it now," said Lambert. Experts said parabens are also found in shampoos and hair products. The toxin could lead to a dry irritated scalp which would result in hair loss. Doctors said parabens have also been linked to cancer. Stylists said if you feel you have damaged hair you should get professional help to fix it. Deep conditioning and other treatments can wash out the wax build up and toxins stuck in the hair. Natural remedies like coconut oil are also suggested for dry hair.