Healthy Food Options Coming To A Convenience Store Near You

OMAHA (kptm) - When you're hungry and in a hurry it's often tough to find something healthy, a new initiative by the health department is trying to change that. Now it says it'll be easier to find a nutritious snack. It's the next step in making the overall community a little healthier.Three convenience stores in Omaha are testing the new program that aims to help lead you on the right path toward healthier options."When you go into a store it can be challenging to find a healthy snack option."That's why the health department is teaming up with local gas stations. It's new "Snack&GO" initiative is all about snacking healthy."In a convenience store, I think sometimes it's thought of as not having healthy foods and healthy options and in our location we're kind of a mini grocery store so we have a lot more opportunities to display healthy items," Cubby's manager, Sean Juett said.Items like 100 percent fruit juice, fresh milk in the dairy section, and a wide variety of fresh fruit are highlighted with bright signs, pointing you in the right direction."We've gotten some great feedback from people. It makes people stop and look and think about 'oh this is a healthier choice'," said Sarah Schram, clinical nutritionist at the Douglas County Health Department.And she said one of the long term goals is to increase the availability of healthy foods in low income neighborhoods. "Particularly those residents that live in parts of our community where access to healthy foods can be limited," Schram said.A chance to provide everyone the nutrition they need."More stores are getting dieticians. We've got our dietician because we've got the health department helping us so kind of Cubby's has got their own dietician," Juett said.The health department wanted to make it easy and convenient for all the customers. That's why all the products are a snack size, so that way you can just grab and go.The health department has launched the new "Snack&GO" program at three different locations around town including K-N-J Grocery Store off 33rd and California, Afoma Corner Store near 30th and "U", and Cubby's in Bennington. Officials said they would like to have the program at 10 stores in the area within the next few months.