HHS Mismanaged Thousands Says NE State Auditor

Paul Gutierrez

LINCOLN (KPTM) - Nebraska's state auditor, Mike Foley, is blasting the Department of Health and Human Services for how it handles its recordkeeping just like he did two years ago.

"They had every opportunity to cure these defects in the audit and they failed to do so," Foley said back in 2011.

Today, the problems remain the same. Among the stumbling blocks this time around are thousands of dollars in waste uncovered by Foley. Those claims include $645 in living expenses paid to a convicted felon who didn't need it, more than $100,000 in help paid to somebody not qualified to receive the money, about $2,300 handed out after recipients had already passed away and a general lack of oversight into one applicant's bank account leading to the loss of $150,000.

As the issues pile up, Foley said at a news conference Monday it's an example of "hard-earned tax dollars squandered by the state's largest agency of government."

Foley also insisted at the news conference he's not trying to turn this into a political witch hunt. Instead, he just wants to make sure the problems get fixed as soon as possible.