High Numbers In National Real Estate Sales Also Seen In Omaha

Franque Thompson

OMAHA (KPTM)- Homes for sale continue to pop up all over the Omaha. Experts said real estate has had a huge jump in number of sales throughout the country since 2008. Real estate agents said more people feel comfortable buying and selling their homes in today's economy.

One local family said selling their home was as good of a time as any.

"There's no doubt that today's buyer is much more sophisticated and demands a lot more for his buck," said Earl Fisher, who recently just sold his lake view home.

"We're seeing homes get put on the market and if they're priced right they're going to sell immediately and that's kind of neat because the rest of the country is experiencing the same thing," said Van Deeb of Big Omaha Realty.

Fisher said he tried selling his lake view home twice this past year. He said, thankfully, the third time was a charm.

"We put the house on the market, put it on Friday and had an offer Saturday morning," he said.

Real estate agents said the Omaha's steady economy and job opportunity helps attract potential home buyers from out of state.

"We're seeing people set records in the real estate industry that are selling more homes than they did in the last several years. But with the combination of interest rates low, and great product, prices have been stable, you're seeing it not just in pockets of Omaha, but all over the city," said Deeb.

Though a house on the lake and a hut tub are extra bonuses to Fishers home, he said updating a few things, inside and out, will also attract buyers.

"You have to find the right buyer, the right niche, because most people aren't going to spend this kind of money and not expect something," said Fisher.

Members of the Omaha Planning Board said more applications have been accepted from developers this year than within the last five years.

The applications allow the developers to build subdivisions throughout the city.