High School Student Saves Bat, Now Has to Get Rabies Shots

Maureen Wurtz

BELLEVUE, Neb. (KPTM)- Two kids found a bat inside their high school last week, and touched it.

Now, they have to get rabies shots after the bat tested positive for rabies.

High school senior Tori Williams is an animal lover.

"I love animals," said Tori, but love can sting. "Getting shots in the butt-not fun."

Tori and her friend rescued a bat stuck in a window at Bellevue East High School last week.

"I was more worried about the bat than I was about me," remembered Tori.

Tori may have saved the bat, but it turned out she also may have gotten rabies. "It really does exasperate the situation when people handle these rabid bats," said Mark Langan with the Nebraska Humane Society.

The bat was picked up last Thursday and shipped to Kansas State, where it was tested for rabies. The results came in Wednesday. "I was just like-how many do I have to get?" asked Tori.

Langan said there is a couple of ways people can be exposed to rabies from a bat. "One by being bitten, that doesn't really hurt that bad because their teeth are so small," said Langan.

"I turned it around so I could see it," said Tori. "It kind of turned its head and started gnawing on my fingernail."

"It's not common for us to test a bat and find it positive for rabies," said Langan.

Tori said after going through all of this, "I would probably just be a lot more careful about touching it."

Langan said if you find a bat in your home, the best way to handle it is by calling the Nebraska Humane Society.