High Tax Refund May Come To Nebraska

Leah Uko

OMAHA (KPTM)- People under thepoverty line in Nebraska may get a little extra back this year after filingtheir taxes.

The Nebraska stateSenate is talking about increasing the state's earned income tax credit.

Themoney to pay for the increase would come from tax dollars.

However, members ofthe senate's revenue committee decided not to vote on whether to raise thestate earned income tax credit today.

If the LB596 passesNebraska's federal earned income tax credit would increase from 10 percent to13 percent, for individuals below Nebraska's poverty line, which is roughly afamily of 4 that makes 23 thousand dollars a year.

Edward Leahy, the director of Omaha Earned Income Tax CreditCoalition said he sees first hand that people spend the money they earn inrefunds.

"And when that money is spent in our community, it staysin our community. It creates jobs, it supports jobs that are there, that moneyis spent in local businesses," said Leahy.

The Omaha Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition offers freetax services to people in the community.

While waiting in line, retail employee Brad Wero saidincreasing the state's earned income tax credit would help him pay his monthlyrent.

"I really rely on this refund every year and this islike the first time I've done it by myself, this is my first time away fromhome. So it's different, but you got to do what you got to do sometimes,"said Wero.