Highway 34 Bridge Could Mean More Platteview Road Traffic

Paul Gutierrez

PAPILLION (KPTM) - Warning signs keeping travelers away from the unfinished Highway 34 Bridge connecting I-29 and Glenwood could be taken down as early as this Autumn.

For some people, however, they're not necessarily looking forward to it because of the possibilities that lay ahead.

"So now all of that traffic is going to come through here," said Dixie Dunn, a homeowner who lives along Platteview Road near 84th Street.

Dunn told FOX 42 News Friday that road is more of a scenic route filled with rolling hills and farmland and is not meant to carry a lot of traffic, especially truckers seeking a shortcut to the new bridge.

"There's been numerous accidents as it is just right at the entrance to the school up the street," said Dunn. "I don't want to see any more up there."

On another side of town, near the area where Platteview meets up with the City of Springfield sits JTL Truck Driver Training. Its president, Larry Marsh, is confident truckers will eventually pursue alternative routes.

"I think the word will get out that it's not a good choice to go that way."

A realization he believes will turn into big and promising things for the Omaha metro.

"It'll be good for commerce and good for Bellevue and Papillion," said Marsh.

Until then, it's just wait and see for homeowners like Dunn. She's hoping Marsh is right and that bad news can be averted even before it happens.

"God forbid you should see somebody's child or relative involved in an accident."