Fallen Marine's Stolen Uniforms are Found By Homeless Man

Maureen Wurtz

OMAHA (KPTM)- Tiffany Bock has cried her fair share of tears. "These are happy tears," said Bock.

Bock lost her husband, Staff Sergeant Michael Bock, while he was serving in Afghanistan in August 2010. He was hit and killed by sniper fire.

At the beginning of April, Bock found out all of her husband's Marine uniforms were stolen out of her storage unit. She said she had put them there because it was too hard to look at them.

"I told myself, prepare yourself if you don't get it back," said Bock.

Around 7:30 AM Bock received a phone call from police, they had found Michael's uniforms, and were on their way to deliver them. "The second he pulled that dress blue jacket out, I actually picked it up and hugged it," said Bock.

The uniforms aren't in the best condition. Michael's dress blues have mold, and medals and ribbons are missing.

"It's by pure chance-almost a miracle that this stuff was returned to me," said Bock.

The bulk of Michael's stuff was found near 24th and Leavenworth. Bock said she doesn't know how it got there, but that a homeless man picked it up, and turned it into police a week later.

"He didn't have to turn it in, these things could be wonderful for him to have," said Bock.

She said she plans on giving the old uniforms to their son, Xander.

"It's a miracle that anything was ever returned," said Bock.

Each bit of clothing has Michael's name, either stamped or handwritten. "Knowing that seeing his name I knew this was part of what would bring these items back to me," said Bock.

A picture of Michael proudly sits on her mantel, and a piece of Michael still sits in her heart.

"I feel like a piece of him has come back to me," said Bock.

Bock pulled out a little heart that Michael gave to her on their last Valentine's Day. It has a recorded message.

The message played, "Happy Valentine's Day dear-I love you and miss you. I wish that I could be with you."