Hot Temperatures Coming Means It's Time To Prep Your Car For Summer Heat

Franque Thompson OMAHA (KPTM)- Wednesday was definitely the kind of day to crank up the air conditioning. Temperatures reached as high as 96 degrees, a record for the date. This means temperatures inside your car were probably even hotter. Don Velander and his mechanics at Jones Automotive said people are coming into jones automotive to get their cars ready for summer. The customers main concern is making sure their A/C is blowing cool air. It's important to check the air filter first. Velander said many people don't know to get their air filters checked. He also said a dirty filter could damage the A/C unit. "If you don't know when it's done, it has probably been longer than you think. so have somebody check that out," said Velander. If you get in your car and it's hot and muggy, Velander suggests rolling down one or two windows and turn on your A/C to let out the hot air. Leave it running for a couple minutes then turn on your max A/C button to cool down the new air you just let it. "Get rid of the humidity, get rid of the heat. it will cool down more quickly once that first load has gotten pushed out," said Velander. He also said it's not just the air conditioner you should get checked for the summer. "If there's a noise, a light, a smell or a drip, it's not helping the way the car is working. Please go in and get its pulse checked and make sure that all the systems are working in harmony with one another," said Velander. Mechanics said to always use caution when getting into a hot car with leather seats. It's suggested you let your air conditioner blow with the door open for a couple minutes before sitting down. This will help cool the air and your seats.