House Overgrown With Weeds

Zach Revense

Omaha (KPTM) - A south Omaha home has been written up since 2007 but is still in disarray.

Neighbors of the house say they worry it could attract critters.

"It's not healthy being around a house like that, because that brings a lot of pests," said Jesamari Hernandez. "Roaches or rats or other animals that could be around and could get people sick."

Hernandez lives across the street. She is concerned it may affect the price of her home.

"A house like that really affects the value the other houses could have."

There are thousands of homes like it in the city.

The budget increased to $840,000 in May, but officials say there is only enough money for severely damaged homes.

Last year around 40 condemned homes were demolished.