How to Get Omaha to Pick Up Your Tree Branches

OMAHA(KPTM)- When it comes to trees, autumn brings beautiful colors, but what happens when the leaves fall and branches break? Lorraine Boyd has the city pick them up.

"The reason I haven't planted as many as I wanted is because I agonized over the decision of what tree," said Boyd, who added that she moved to the Aksarben neighborhood decades ago for the tree-lined streets.

As winter nears, Boyd knows that she will have leaves to bag and branches to collect. But she's smart about it, she packages the debris and follows Omaha's rules to make sure she gets those branches picked up every Tuesday. "If you do it the way they tell you to they'll take it away. You've already paid for the service, it's free. Otherwise you'll have to take it to the dump," said Boyd.

But the city won't pick up your branches if you don't follow the rules. In order to be eligible for pick up branches must be:

- separated from the rest of the refuse and bundled

-no longer than four feet, no more than 2 inches in diameter

-bundled with string or twine (non-plastic)

Bundles must also weigh less than thirty pounds . Plastic bags used in yard waste collection will not be picked up, nor will mixtures of yard waste and garbage. Items tied with plastic twine, nylon twine, wire and rope will also be left behind.