Husker Football To Enjoy Primetime Schedule This Year

Paul GutierrezLINCOLN (KPTM) - Night owls rejoice! The upcoming football season will have Big Red in primetime mode. "It just seems like a bigger stage," said Rich Tokheim, a Husker fan.At least five games between September and October will begin at night; a change from last year when NU played six games before noon."This will help with recruiting in my opinion," said Shea Stokely, a Husker fan. "It'll also pretty much help with everything."The latest night game will pit Nebraska against Fresno State at 9:30 Central Time followed by Illinois at 8:00 and Miami at 7:00 in the evening. Two other games kick off after 6:30.While fans are excited about the schedule changes, there could be one clear hurdle for the Huskers."They say traveling west is always tough, so going to Fresno may or may not be difficult," said Tokheim.Gametime against rival Iowa has not yet been set. The regular season begins August 30th when Nebraska takes on Florida Atlantic at Memorial Stadium.