I-680 Construction To Make For Tougher Commute

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - Drivers beware. New construction along I-680 from Fort Street to the Mormon Bridge could snarl traffic during your morning and evening commute.

"Until they get used to it it's probably going to be a rough go," said Nancy Bohnenkamp who runs nearby Harold's Koffee House in Florence.

Bohnenkamp doesn't really mind the construction, but her customer base may.

"Campers and stuff that come across the Mormon Bridge, so that'll probably be a bit of a bottleneck for them."

The Nebraska Department of Roads says it likely won't be finished with the project until Autumn of this year. Before cones and barriers can be removed, patchwork to the pavement and bridge repairs must be made.

For some business owners and travelers, the work itself isn't a problem, however, the timeline for completion is a bit frustrating.

"I suppose it needs to be done, but until November? I don't know. November seems far, far away for me."