Illegal Dumping: Tires Pile Up on South Omaha Lot

OMAHA (KPTM) - Who would dump trash near a local school in Omaha? That's exactly what's happening near an Omaha elementary school where hundreds of tires have been dumped, and even a toilet. "It's just everywhere, it makes you sick," said South Omaha Citizen Patrol Agent, Boss Hog. Boss said tires have been piling up near the area of 17th and Q for days. "We can't spend 24/7 watching it. But who knows? They sneak in the middle of the night-day-or whatever to do what they got to do, dump them," said Boss. There is a grade school just 50 feet away from the lot. Boss said the trash is almost inviting kids to come and play it in. "That's probably the worst part of it," said Boss. Omaha City Councilman Garry Gernandt became aware of the problem Monday evening and got right to work. Gernandt told FOX 42 on the phone he called Omaha Public Works and police to start investigating how the tires got there. "You wonder what kind of people are coming into your neighborhood to be dumping things like that," said Catherine Higgins, who lives in the area. In Omaha, tires count as bulky items and can't be thrown away in the regular garbage. The homeowners have to pay a small fee and throw the tires away at a special site. Often, when people buy new tires, they pay a fee at the shop to throw away the tires. "You pay a fee to dispose them, so obviously to dispose that many tires would cost quite a bit of money," said Higgins. The next step will be for Omaha Public Works to head out to the site near 17th and Q and investigate how to get rid of all the tires. Councilman Gernandt also told FOX 42 that police plan to keep an extra eye on the area as well.