Incurable Cancer Won't Stop Omaha Teacher

OMAHA (KPTM)- Hundreds of people ran to help raise money foran Omaha teacher who was recently diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor.

"I believe that it's God, I believe that it's a miracle,"said Wendy Wessling.

Wessling was surrounded by family, friends, and supportersSunday as they ran a course she isn't able to-yet. "Next year's going to be therecovery race. We're going to have afirst annual Wendy's recovery race," said Wessling.

In November 2012, Wessling went to the doctor for anappointment. She found out that she had a brain tumor, and has had multiplesurgeries since. Doctors told her she only had two more years to live.

"I believe that I'm going to survive this," said Wessling.

Wessling has been going through physical therapy and has hadto relearn how to walk, use hand eye coordination, and balance.

"I was here in April when she had her two surgeries, and shecouldn't walk," said Wessling's older sister, Julie Lobato.

Wessling said doctors had some amazing news for her thisweek. "There's no sign of cancer-there's blood in my brain, but they thinktaking me off blood thinners will correct that. Doesn't mean I'm cured yet."

Wessling previously told Fox 42, she's banking on a miracle,her sister couldn't agree more. "Miracles happen," said Lobato.

Beating cancer is like running, moving forward one step at atime until you reach the finish line.

"Thank you everyone for all your love and support and prayers-Icouldn't do it without you," said Wessling.

Since her diagnosis, Wessling hasn't been able to work andhas to continue going to the hospital. The Wessling family is asking for donations to help pay rising medicalbills and proved for Wessling's children.

To donate, click here.

Maureen Wurtz