Missing Omaha Man Confirmed Dead After Police Found Body Near Westroads

UPDATE: Thursday morning Omaha Police confirmed that the body found near Westroads Mall last week was that of missing man, Ron Price. Police don't think his death is suspicious.

Paul Gutierrez

OMAHA (KPTM) - A gruesome discovery made by a landscaper Thursday near the Westroads Mall is bittersweet for one family looking for closure. They believe a body found near 102nd and Nicholas Streets is their missing loved one.

Ron Price, who was 50 years old at the time he disappeared last October, was last seen near 103rd and Hamilton Streets.

"That was only two blocks away from where the body was found," said Dorothy Stark, a sister of Price. "So when I heard about the news my heart just sank."

Investigators are still searching for clues, but Stark refuses to believe her brother was murdered. She thinks he may have suffered a medical issue. Stark says her brother was prone to seizures after undergoing brain surgery shortly before he went missing.

"I really think he got disoriented and lost his way. I spoke to the neighbors several times and they both reported him being very disoriented and it wasn't like him not to look them in the eyes."

The Omaha Police Department hasn't officially confirmed yet who they found, but the family tells us they were told there's a good chance it is him.